Fiddleheads & Fawns
Age 2.5 - 4

Join our Acton Outdoor Nature Programs!

Connect with Nature * Develop a Love for Our Natural World

* Improve All Aspects of Child Development-physical-cognitive-social-emotional

* Grow Resilience, Creativity, Self-Confidence, and Initiative

  Fiddleheads & Fawns

Ages 2.5-4

MON / TUES / THURS / FRI options
(2 day minimum)

HALF DAY 9:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.
FULL DAY 9:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.

Small Number of Learners

This program is available for a small number of learners (6 maximum).

Nature-Inspired Play

It fosters and supports self-directed nature-inspired play, a strong sense of self, confidence, and resilience. It allows our young learners to get comfortable with the uncomfortable.

Social & Emotional Development

In addition, it promotes social and emotional development, the wonder of nature connection, and core motor skills. All through hands-on experiential learning outdoors in a  beautiful nature setting.

Wall Tent & Wood Stove Available

Our Fiddleheads and Fawns will meet in all weather, unless dangerous, but a wall tent & wood stove will be available for warming. Learners do not have to be fully potty-trained; potty-training, wearing pull-ups, will be supported. 

Guide: Ms. Julie

Location: Kennebunkport

 Ms. Julie

For the past 10+ years Julie has been mentoring children of all
ages in nature connection on the seacoast of Maine....

2023-2024 Dates

Specific dates coming soon

Contact Julie to sign up or to learn more:

Please note that we are transitioning this webpage to be more community oriented to include outdoor programs that are not run exclusively by Acton Academy Kennebunkport. Fiddleheads and Fawns is one of these programs; beginning this Fall the program will be run independently by Julie, who is fantastic and still working part-time with Acton Academy, this is simply a change so that Acton can concentrate more on their mission and Julie more on her passion of bringing outdoor programming to younger learners. Acton Academy Kennebunkport will continue to run its outdoor day on Wednesdays, which is open to the public as a one-day-per-week program as well as a part of its weekly programming for students enrolled full-time at Acton Academy Kennebunkport.

Julie may also be offering after-school programs and one-day events based on interest. If you are interested in such programs please reach out to her at

We hope that this change allows for more outdoor and educational options for our community provided at an even higher level of excellence.

If you have any questions about this change please feel free to contact us at

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