Fiddleheads & Fawns
Age 2.5 - 4

Join our Acton Outdoor Nature Programs!

Connect with Nature * Develop a Love for Our Natural World

* Improve All Aspects of Child Development-physical-cognitive-social-emotional

* Grow Resilience, Creativity, Self-Confidence, and Initiative

  Fiddleheads & Fawns

Ages 2.5-4

9:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.

Small Number of Learners

This program is available for a small number of learners (6 maximum).

Nature-Inspired Play

It fosters and supports self-directed nature-inspired play, a strong sense of self, confidence, and resilience. It allows our young learners to get comfortable with the uncomfortable.

Social & Emotional Development

In addition, it promotes social and emotional development, the wonder of nature connection, and core motor skills. All through hands-on experiential learning outdoors in a  beautiful nature setting.

Wall Tent & Wood Stove Available

Our Fiddleheads and Fawns will meet in all weather, unless dangerous, but a wall tent & wood stove will be available for warming. Learners do not have to be fully potty-trained; potty-training, wearing pull-ups, will be supported. 

Guides: Ms. Julie (both days), Ms. Jenny (Tuesdays), Ms. Angela (Thursdays)

Location: Kennebunkport

 Ms. Julie

For the past 10 years Julie has been mentoring children of all
ages in nature connection on the seacoast of Maine....

Below are remaining dates for 2022-2023

March 21, 23, 28, 30
April 4, 6
May 2, 4, 9, 11, 16, 18, 23, 25, 30
June 1, 6, 8

First day of Fall program will be Sept 12, 2023; full list of dates for 2023-2024 coming soon.

2 spots open on Tuesdays & 1 spot on Thursdays


Remaining Dates '22-'23: $828*

Full Year '23-'24:

*prorated based on start date


Remaining Dates '22-'23: $828*

Full Year '23-'24:

*prorated based on start date

BOTH days (Tues & Thurs)

Remaining Dates '22-'23: $1,680*

Full Year '23-24'

*prorated based on start date

This program does cost more than our other programs because it is more guide intensive and carries more expenses. Unfortunately, at the moment, financial assistance is not available, but we are committed to making all of our programs financially accessible to all families and are in the process of working towards this. We hope to be able to offer financial assistance by next year.

Want to know more or interested in 2023-2024? Contact us at :


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